Connect with Nature Around the World this World Environment Day

World Environment Day is taking place on Monday 5th June. The day is held annually to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing our planet and to encourage us to take some time to open our eyes and truly appreciate the beautiful nature and world around us.

As desert tour specialists, the natural world is very important to us at DesertMarrakech.

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is connecting people with nature. This is something that we specialise in at DesertMarrakech with our desert tours, which allow you to explore the vast stretches of Moroccan desert.

That is why we wanted to show our support for World Environment Day by providing information on how you can connect with and help the environment around the world – not only in deserts, but across mountains, islands, grasslands, rainforests and cities too.

We have created illustrations showing how you can connect with each of these different landscapes across the globe – including recommendations on where to experience the best of these unique terrains.

When producing these illustrations, we were saddened to see many of the threats facing our environment – from global warming to ocean pollution and oil drilling in deserts. We have highlighted these threats in our illustrations, showing how these issues are creeping into our natural world.

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news! Luckily there are some super simple everyday changes we can make to help save our environment.

Making sure to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth can help protect against water shortages that affect our deserts. Switching to eco-friendly bulbs can help protect against global warming which is damaging our mountains. Ditching printing and going paperless can help to save our rainforests.

Have a look at our illustrations below for more inspiration on how you can connect with and help conserve our environment this World Environment Day.

Click on the illustrations to see them in full size. Use the arrow keys to move to the next illustration.

Find out more about World Environment Day, and see how you can get involved.