Safety and Security

Our number one priority

Your safety and security is our number one priority during your tour, and we take various measures to ensure that your trip will run smoothly. We are all highly experienced in leading safe and fun desert tours.

Some of our safety measures

Fully Licenced

We all hold specific driving licences which allow us to carry up to 16 passengers for the purposes of tourism, as required by law. We are all highly experienced drivers.

First Aid Kits

All of our vehicles carry first aid kits. We nearly never have to use them, but accidents happen, so we keep a kit in all of our vehicles just in case.

Child Seat

We are used to doing tours with families, and can provide child seats for your children free of charge. Just let us know during the booking process.

Modern Vehicles

Our vehicles are extremely reliable, from famous names like Ford, Hyundai and Mercedes. All vehicles have safety features like air bags, and more.


All of our vehicles are regularly checked and maintained by professional mechanics, to ensure that they meet (and exceed) the safety requirements by law.


Our experienced team are regulars in the desert, leading both small and large group tours. We use our judgement, and don't take any risks.

Safety and Security in Morocco

Our company is fully insured and licenced by the government to offer desert tours and tourist transport with no restrictions. Our drivers and vehicles hold the appropriate licences and insurance.

Morocco is a safe destination, provided the usual precautions are taken. For most visitors, the hard-selling street vendors in Marrakech are the only real annoyance. Crime rates in the cities are at a level comparable with similar European cities, and the crime rate in the desert is much lower. We are all from Morocco and can deal with any problems that may arise. However, problems are very, very rare.

You are in safe hands with us. Meet our team.


In the unlikely event of an accident, our comprehensive insurance will cover you if you need to go to hospital in Morocco.

High Temperature

We have air-conditioning in all of our vehicles, and bottled water is provided for all passengers. We do not travel to extremely remote areas.


The desert is home to beautiful wildlife, and is not dangerous to humans. The animals are most active in the morning, so you have to get up early.